West Lothian College in partnership with local company Waste Switch Ltd and The Royal Environmental Health Institute for Scotland (REHIS) have developed a new training course – Introduction to Business Waste Disposal – Regulation and Legislative Training.

This course will assist businesses to comply with legislation requirements, ensure that staff are aware of their responsibilities and has the potential to reduce costs in the disposal of business waste materials.


Course Description and Background

Every employer and employee in Scotland must comply with a number of regulative and legislative requirements in relation to the disposal of waste materials.  This course provides the learner with the required knowledge and understanding of the regulations to implement this learning within the workplace. Participation in this course will ensure that individuals can contribute effectively to the Scottish Governments target of 70% recycling and composting of waste by 2025.


Course Objectives

To provide an introductory understanding of:

  • The regulative and legislative requirements on all businesses with regards to the correct and appropriate identification, segregation, collection and disposal of the waste produced.
  • The potential severe financial penalties and criminal consequences for noncompliance.
  • The substantial environmental and recycling efficiency benefits that can be achieved. (Specifically the significant reduction in C02 emissions and increased diversion from landfill)


Following successful completion of our course, businesses will be able to clearly demonstrate:


Corporate Governance – businesses will be able to clearly demonstrate to the local authority and the appropriate government bodies that the business is committed to recycling and the regulations.


Cost Reductions – staff are able to identify, segregate, collect and dispose or waste in more cost efficient way. There are significant cost savings to be made following the implementation of the learning


Environmental Policies – businesses will be aware of the increasing awareness of the environmental impact of waste disposal and the importance of a robust waste management plan.


Qualification Gained

REHIS Certificate – Introduction to Business Waste Disposal

Course Cost:  The course costs £95 and is eligible for funding using ILA Scotland

Course Duration: 1 day


For more information and to book a place contact Alison Simons – E-mail Tel No 07736 177748

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