3 reasons why to choose co-working? Omnia Offices Offer

It is not a secret that co-working offices have disrupted the traditional leasehold and serviced office spaces – but what makes people choose co-working? At Omnia, we believe that it is the 21st Century influx in entrepreneurs, freelancer and start-up businesses. People with big ideas and aspirations who are in the early stages of growing their business. We wish to support these kinds of people with our co-working spaces which professionalise the work space and create a suitable business base.

Here’s what a co-working space at Omnia offers:

  • Breakout space with fast-speed internet access
  • Business services, copying, scanning, printing
  • Collaborating with likeminded people

Here at Omnia, we think that the idea of affordable work space is brilliant as everyone should be given the opportunity to capitalize on their dreams. So, we offer plenty of options when it comes to tailoring your co-working space to you with packages, as well as, hot-desk rates. Alba Centre has some superb options for co-working, plus, it offers a sense of community and deters competitiveness or the dreaded ‘office politics’.

Co-working provides the ultimate flexible work environment, as you work around a schedule created by you – promoting job satisfaction and general productivity. If this applies to you, please contact our Omnia Offices team! Likewise, if you’re interested in co-working in one of our other office locations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Have a taster day (free of charge)
  • Book a tour
  • Ask for our start up discounts


Elaine Stevenson- Centre Manager (Alba Campus)

T: 01506 429099  E: livingston@omniaoffices.com

Find out more via Omnia’s website here


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