Building International Connections

EYP Event For Young People and Business  

Mid January Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Linda Scott and Chamber Co-ordinator Nicole Scott joined our Erasmus+ Partner Arega in Torino, Italy for the final event of the youth development project EYP Program At the event local businesses presented their business journey to the young people and gave them them the opportunity to take part in mock interviews.

The Chamber were delighted to make the trip over to attend this event as it was great to see the results achieved with the EYP Program. The level of participation and collaboration between the young people and businesses involved was particularly enlightening as it showed that the program is a step in the right direction for the integration of young people into the business industry.

The support offered to these young people through skill development programs like the EYP Program, are only possible with the support of the business industry. At this event it highlighted a range of companies who are prepared to support and advice their future workforce including Dr Solution, Miagola Caffe, SCAI Group, GROM, Redspin, Tisco SRL and the Torino Chamber of Commerce.  West Lothian Chamber also took part by interviewing the young people who wanted to have an interview in English. This proactive thinking showcases the young people’s strive to develop their skills.

Torino Chamber of Commerce

While in Torino, we wanted to take the opportunity to build our international connections further by meeting with Guido Bolatto, Secretary General and Carmen Gisondi, International Events Promotion Foreign Department within Torino Chamber of Commerce. Torino Chamber represents the general interests of businesses within their area and they look to promote the business community within Torino through domestic and international channels.

With many similarities to the West Lothian community we are delighted to say we have built a new connection and will be keeping the line of communication open with them to discuss future knowledge sharing and support for our members to ensure both Chambers can offer a beneficial service.


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