Call To Action – Manufactures Needed For Ventilators

Dear Members

You have probably heard the government’s call to manufacturers re the urgent need for ventilators. They currently have 7,500 and they expect to need 30,000.

We are sending this out in case it may be something your company could help with, or for those in academia or professional services you might know a company who could  help.

There is the potential that some companies who think they can’t help, actually could. Whether they are component manufacturers, assemblers, additive manufacturers etc.

There is also the possibility that this call to action may be better suited to those with much more agile “pod like” assembly areas that could make changes or companies that make similar parts but use them in very different areas.

Please click here to view the specification.  It is detail light but CLICK HERE to view a more detailed video and  CLICK HERE for a more detailed document.

If you are able to help please contact: 0300 456 3565, or

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