Chamber Team Brave The Cold 

On Saturday night the Chamber team (Brenda Cumming, Hannah Bardell MP, Linda Scott, Nicole Scott and Amy Connell) joined 8,000 people for Social Bite’s ‘Sleep In The Park’ to raise awareness and money to help eradicate homelessness.

During the night, temperatures hit as low as -7 degrees with frost appearing on our sleeping bags it made sleeping out difficult to deal with but we are the lucky ones as we were all geared up to take on the cold unlike those sleeping rough. It is sad to think this is the reality for all the people sleeping rough this winter season with no escape to warm up or break away from the situation they are in.

Our entire team found the experience to be a real eye opener and feel privileged to have taken part as it really showed us that things need to change so no one has to sleep rough.

A Grand Total Of £3.6 Million Raised

This has been raised with contributions from the people taking part on the night, £0.5 Million from Clydesdale Bank and an anonymous donation of £0.5 Million.

495 Houses For The Homeless Pledged Throughout The Central Belt of Scotland 

The money raised will go to building a support structure for people moving into the these houses which will include:

  • addiction support
  • setting up a bank account
  • help into employment
  • many more support options depending on the individual

Social Bite illustrated with this event that if we can work together we can eradicate homelessness in Scotland while helping the homeless be included and welcomed in society.

Our fundraising page is still open and we would really appreciate if you could support us to raise even more for this great cause. 





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