Our Classic Membership provides the essential benefits for all business needs and can be an essential factor in ensuring that all businesses supported.

What can the Classic membership offer you?

Networking and events
We offer a range of different events which can provide businesses with new business connections, showcase their business in new areas and develop their knowledge on key business topics.

Increase your market reach and use your local Chamber as a key marketing tool for growing your business. With a large reach on digital platforms, regular business articles in our local newspaper and access to the Scottish Chambers of Commerce – there are various marketing opportunities for business who join their Chamber.

Market Intelligence
Gather information on key areas which would benefit your business. You can commission market intelligence to measure and quantify your company’s growth prospects.

Business Mentoring
Gain access to support and advice on any of your business needs with our Business Mentoring service. Having supported over 8000 businesses so far, this service is a very popular service which provides businesses with answers to any questions they may have.

Business Support
With connections to Scottish Chambers, British Chambers and access to the Scottish parliament, business issues can be taken forward by lobbying at local and national government, to make sure your business community is getting the best deal under which to prosper.

Fuel Card
With your membership, you can access discounted prices on diesel and petrol.

Health Care
Westfield Health offers access to affordable health coverage through your membership. This can help your staff feel more valued and motivated while encouraging them to be more pro-active about their health.

Trace & Protect

The Trace & Protect web app gives business owners a platform to securely check in their visitors and collect the necessary data to support the Scottish Government’s Test and Protect.


Don’t forget you can save more by pre-paying events, eblasts through our Event Packages.

Get more value for your chosen membership by pre-purchasing a Gold, Silver or Bronze events packages

Offering you savings of up to £175 over 12 months (see the table details below)

We offer 3 different levels to suit any type of business. With your event package you can access any event from any membership stream, eg. if you only have a Classic membership you could access an Environmental workshop.

event packages breakdown flyer

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