Code Division -Data Skills For Work SQA accredited courses. 

Who we are:
Code Division are a Social Enterprise and SQA accredited Centre. Committed to designing and delivering courses to empower disadvantaged individuals and communities. Our courses cover Data Science, Software Development, Cyber Security and Business Applications and are delivered online utilising interactive learning materials and real World scenarios and projects.

Data Analytics (Social Enterprises):Data analytics offers social enterprise organisations opportunities by providing valuable data on beneficiaries and clients, evaluating effectiveness of individual programmes, and insights on increasing effectiveness in a wide range of issues.

Data Analytics (All Small Medium Enterprises):Data can support crucial decisions about where to focus limited energy, time, and budget using evidence, not assumptions. It enhances faster data-based decision-making, gives a clearer understanding of patterns and provides an environment for innovation. The result is that harnessing data reduces costs, increases engagement with clients/customers and drives revenue.

Data Courses:Code Division has created four different courses in Data Analytics specifically designed around data for good. Encouraging creative problem solving, analytical thinking and a desire to use the data to drive decisions making. The courses utilises specific tools to provide transferable data skills for every kind of small medium enterprise. The courses use open data sets on a range of real World issues from environment protection to child poverty to create insights and business intelligence.

Funded by the Data Lab these courses are free and available to any Scottish SME (250 employees or less). Priority is given to learners that over 24 years and fit at least one of our target groups below:
• At risk of redundancy due to job changes such as automation
• Black, Asian or minority ethnic (BAME) background
• Living with a disability
• Women advancing within work
• Earning below £24k per annum
• Underemployed

Next Steps:
If you are interested as an organisation or want more information on these courses then please contact

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