Coronavirus & the impact on businesses

As the planning for and impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to evolve on an almost hourly basis one thing is sure; it is already and will continue to impact businesses now and in the weeks and months ahead.

The Budget of 11th March included many initiatives designed to shield businesses in the short-term, but many organisations will still face financial difficulties whether around cash flow, decreased revenue or additional costs.

So we asked our own Restructuring and Debt Recovery team what one piece of advice they would offer businesses looking at an uncertain future – and their response was clear:

If you think your business needs assistance, the sooner you speak to a professional the greater the chance we’ll be able to help.

Our Restructuring team are available to speak to any business owners, whether existing clients of French Duncan or not.  They can assist you with cash flow issues, managing debtors or creditors and even discuss your options for lending solutions to see you through difficult periods.

More information and contact details for members of the team can be found on our Business Restructuring page, or you can call and speak directly to a member of the team by calling 0141 221 2984.  They are there to help if you need it.

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