Crowdfunding – KUZAKASH- The Gift Of Financial Education

MoneyMatiX is an RBS Accelerator-based Fintech company that is developing KuzaKash a family financial goal setting app. Kuza means to grow, to nurture or to blossom. The MoneyMatiX founders are passionate about equipping the future generation with healthy money management skills.

KuzaKash is an easy to use financial goal-setting tool that brings parents and children together to talk and learn about money. The parents become financial role models while the children learn the true value of money.

MoneyMatiX currently delivers financial Education via KuzaLearn workshops to children in primary & secondary schools as well as in community groups and their experience from this highlighted the need for young people to see health money habits in practice.

The financial education of children is key for them to become financially empowered adults. Good money management is a skill that many people struggle to pass on to young people both at home and at school. We are extremely excited to provide a first-of-its-kind product that can provide a visual way of showing in practice what healthy money management looks like. The beauty with KuzaKash is that the parent does not have to be excellent at money management themselves because the APP prompts healthy conversations and behaviours making it fun and inclusive for everyone.

Through our KuzaLearn programme, which is filled with fun games and engaging activities, we enable children to establish a strong foundation for life-long financial independence and well-being. BUT THERE HAS BEEN ONE THING MISSING… Learning by doing. Our APP helps to provide continued financial guidance with parental involvement which gives emphasis and continuity.

Our Ask?

We are seeking £12,000 to help us complete the alpha phase of KuzaKash and begin software testing.

Click here to find out more and support us while we support the learning of our young people. 

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