Edinburgh Chamber’s New Customs Declaration Service

Customs Declarations are enormously important and a necessity for all businesses that import and export goods. This is particularly relevant as the UK leaves the EU, as goods will be subject to increased border checks and declarations are estimated to rise from 55 million to 300 million, following the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020. Businesses that import or export goods will need to comply with  the rules and make declarations.

ChamberCustoms is a new Customs Declaration Service provided by Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce. The Chambers of Commerce have, for almost 100 years, been trusted by Government and businesses, to offer a high quality export documentation service to facilitate trade for businesses across the country.

ChamberCustoms will now provide a new Customs brokerage service to support businesses through the changes introduced by Brexit. (Please note our service does not include warehousing or logistics.) Uniquely, it has been created to clear goods for import and export at every port in the UK. We understand the language of trade, are already a trusted partner of HMRC and know the importance of compliance in International Trade. By using ChamberCustoms as your broker you will be guaranteed allocated capacity for this service.

You can access the ChamberCustoms EBrochure here, where you can find details on what the impact of being outside the Customs Union will have on businesses and how ChamberCustoms can support you.

To find out more and schedule a meeting to discuss the service and your requirements, please contact Jillian Gothard, Customs Declaration Officer below:


Tel +44 (0)131 221 2973

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