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What’s An Escape Dinner?
We are proud to be the first to introduce Escape Dinners to Scotland! eeek! Escape Rooms have taken the traditional Escape Rooms concept and transformed it into a table top game that allows you to experience the excitement and fun of Escape Games while sat at a table with friends and family enjoying your meal.
What’s better than combing a love of puzzles some good food and delicious drink? An Escape Dinner is a modern twist on the old classic parlour games and it the perfect way to enjoy a dinner party with a difference. Guests are split into teams and are challenged to solve a series of puzzles and clues hidden around their dinner table. It’s a friendly head to head competition and a race against time to win!

Game Description

The Last Bottle

It’s been 100 years since prohibition began and its all cycled back around in the dystopian present, where the sale of alcohol is once again punishable by law. An underground movement in Scotland ‘ALE’ (Alternative Liquid Exporters) have been successfully delivering alcohol around the old public houses, making it possible for people to enjoy a tipple or two in their favourite boozy establishment (under the cover of darkness, of course). 
However disaster has struck! The cops have finally caught on to the pattern of distribution and all the supply chains ALE were using have been cut off. Your favourite place in town are now down to their very last bottle. Compete with friends against other dinner guests to win the Last Bottle. Can you and your team mates solve all the puzzles before anyone else?

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