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Buy an electric bike now to make the most of this glorious summer weather with the help of a new initiative from The Scottish Government!

Two exciting new funds have been launched in Scotland by the Energy Saving Trust offering interest free loans of up to 4 years to purchase an electric bike. Funded by Transport Scotland

and (an agency of the Scottish Government), there is one scheme for individuals and another for businesses.


Individual scheme

Borrow up to £6,000 interest free (per household), covering the following:

  • 2 x ebikes capped at £3,000 each
  • 1 x family ecargo bike capped at £6,000
  • 1 x adaptive ebike capped at £6,000

For more information click here.


 Business Scheme

Borrow up to £30,000 interest free to help lower transport and travel costs, covering:

  • New ebike(s) up to £3,000 per bike
  • New ecargo bike(s) up to £6,000 per bike
  • New electric adaptive bike(s) up to £6,000 per bike unless agreed in writing by Energy Saving Trust

For more information  click here.


To support your journey to finding a new set of wheels, Easygo Electric Bikes carry one of the largest demo stocks of ebikes in Scotland, including Raleigh, Haibike, Cube, Bergamont, Batribike and Tern.

Based in Linlithgow we have been specialising in e bikes for over five years, we can help you choose the bike that meets your exact needs by offering test rides of the many different models before making a decision.





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