First Minister Warns Against ‘Reckless’ Easing Of Lockdown

Nicola Sturgeon has warned against any “reckless” move to ease lockdown in Scotland despite a growing “economic crisis” and rising unemployment.

Ms Sturgeon said easing the lockdown “too quickly” would risk a resurgence of the virus which would cost lives and economic productivity.

She said the progress made in suppressing Covid-19 so far could help build a “sustainable economy recovery”.

Ms Sturgeon also resisted calls to relax the 2m (6ft) physical distancing rule, saying it would hit businesses harder if the virus were to start spreading out of control again.

The Scottish Chambers of Commerce said it was “essential” this rule be relaxed “to prevent wholesale economic collapse” of the retail, hotel and restaurant sectors.

The Scottish Beer and Pub Association said the limit “simply does not make financial sense”.

Ms Sturgeon said the rule would be kept under review, but said it was better to re-open the economy “sustainably” than to “run the risk of having to shut it again weeks or months later” because of a resurgence of the virus.

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