French Duncan – Essential Update Seminars

Join us at our breakfast seminars where our experts will cover some of the more complex accounting areas specific to legal partnerships that you may not be aware of, but really should be.

We are hosting a series of seminars across our three main offices, covering the Accounting and Tax considerations for the legal sector.


John Anderson, Entrepreneurial Services Partner, will cover the accounting requirements and “good housekeeping” practices for the three principal entity type models: general partnership, limited liability partnership and, limited company.John will also provide information on the legal and regulatory requirements, taking in to account what good practice would be like in terms of the entity’s accounting function and financial management – including information specifically relevant to partners/directors as individuals.

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Hazel Burt, Tax Partner, will give an overview of the taxation issues of the three principal entity types commonly used for professional practices: general partnerships, limited liability partnerships and limited company.Hazel will provide an outline of the tax implications of each, together with the advantages and disadvantages and potential tax planning points.

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If you have any queries about any of these events please contact Jen Turner at


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