Local Business Surviving Covid- 19

Since March many businesses have had to look at how to limit the impact of lockdown, ensuring they can retain their staff, their customers and be able to get back to offering their services after lockdown ends. Below we hear about how a local long established business is fighting back to ensure minimal impact.

Local family business Sibbald Ltd worked very hard to turnaround the business after the downturn of 2008/9 which had a devastating effect, and it wasn’t until March 2020 business returned to where it was prior to the downturn.

However, this latest Pandemic resulted in the Company completely closing on the 23rd of March. This has been the only time in nearly 48 years that Sibbald had to close the gates without any idea of a resumption to work timeline.

To survive the company had difficult decisions to make including furloughing many staff, and unfortunately a few redundancies, a very difficult situation for a company with such a loyal team.

As the company makes the initial steps to return to work and to be in a position to open the doors again to trainees, changes had to be made to work within the guidelines, including downsizing numbers in classroom, creating a one-way system, supplying PPE with Sanitiser stations throughout the premises and many other adjustments. Every person entering the buildings have their temperatures checked daily and if this outwith the guidelines cannot remain on the premises.

The company’s trainee numbers so far are very low and this is a concern as H&S training may not be a priority when companies return to work. One good piece of news is that employees who are furloughed can attend training which shall hopefully encourage a bit of an upturn.  Sibbald have also started doing online training which hopefully should also help drive the business forward.

MD, David Sibbald commented “Sibbald are ready for the challenge ahead and hopefully we are here for at least another 48 years”

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