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An incredible flurry of creativity and inventiveness has seen a lot of businesses adapt to lockdown to deliver services remotely or to deliver different services altogether.

If you’re one of those, we’d like to help you let people know! 

The Lockdown Local Business Directory will provide a one-stop reference for who is offering what locally, it will help people support small businesses and help them to get the goods and services they need – as best as they can under the extraordinary circumstances.

This is for ANY local business that is trying to keep going and is able to offer services to customers. Click here to add your business

If you are offering free services for key workers, or doing webinars and sharing your expertise in order to keep your business profile up, please feel free to add yourself too, with the link to where people can find you online.

Please ONLY add your business if you are open currently and able to trade or offer expertise without breaching lockdown constraints.

Click on your business category to add your Lockdown services. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!


Stay safe, stay strong.

Konect Editor & Manager

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