Lucerne – How they are coping with Covid-19

Above Image: Some of the Lucerne team (Photo taken before self isolation)

Thinking ahead Lucerne employed 15 more staff on a temp basis in January and early February to increase their support network to try and minimise client care disruption.

To date, they have not cancelled any calls, are at normal service levels and have also picked up new clients through this pandemic.

They also acquired extra PPE and although it was absolutely no where near enough, what it did mean was that in especially the early days, they at least had gloves and aprons that other companies could not get. This meant that as of today, they have had NO CLIENTS test positive for Covid and only one carer, who was isolated as soon as she became ill.

Lucerne have never sent carers out to do care, if they are feeling ill, they stay home, even before this pandemic and they have increased their already very high infection control measures.

Lucerne Directors Matt Hay and Angela Crolla have always been very proud of each and every one of Lucerne’s carers but even more so now.

The team work, camaraderie, pulling extra shifts, going the extra mile, being the main and sometimes only contact for the most vulnerable people in our community, this is what Lucerne do.



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