Matugga Rum – First Batch of Hand Sanitiser

We are delighted to announce that we have produced our first batch of sanitiser at our rum distillery. 

We have produced our liquid hand sanitiser in line with the official World Health Organization recommended formula and process. It also includes the ‘heads’ of our rum production. Most importantly it provides  vital protection until normal supply resumes.

Thanks to your wonderful support, we’ll be donating at least 1,000 litres of sanitiser to key front line workers and our most vulnerable communities, including local health care providers, emergency services, care homes, surgeries, foodbanks and support groups. 

Our sanitiser will be dispatched in 5 litre containers – to be decanted into a spray bottle or pump pack for personal use, and features rainbow artwork by our 6-year-old daughter Mahya. 

Thanks again for supporting our sanitiser production.

Matugga Rum 


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