MaxCap Consulting Ltd- Free Effective Remote Working Webinar- 2nd April

Understand some simple, practical steps to help you implement remote working successfully!

In the current COVID-19 climate many of our workforce, all in some cases, are now having to work from home and the potential is that this may continue for several weeks or months!

This creates enormous challenges for our businesses and directly for our teams, especially if we do not already have effective systems and processes in place to support both productivity and employee well-being!

We already know that remote working puts a strain on those who do it as a routine part of their job. Home workers often report feelings of detachment and isolation as well as feeling overworked and stressed.

So, how do we avoid these issues in these exceptional times yet ensure our people remain productive, especially with employees not used to this remote working environment?

The potential damage that could be caused to our teams through forced remote working if handled badly by our leaders could be devastating, so let us all ensure we do what we can to prevent that! Let us share the knowledge and help everyone understand the key steps to avoid the more significant problems!

MaxCap specialize in helping our customers design and implement strong workload management systems and processes that provide real-time visibility of the work. These support high productivity results for businesses whilst protecting the well-being of their people.

Our Founder Audrey Boyers who will lead this webinar has over 30 years experience as a change expert with the last 20 years spent working with numerous businesses who already have significant portions of their workers remote enabled and therefore she has extensive experience in this area.

In these difficult times we do not have time for complex change, instead we need simple, practical steps that protect our businesses and our people.

MaxCap would therefore like to share some of those key learnings to help you move quickly and safely to remote working!

Who should attend?

This event is intended for anyone who is currently, or considering, remote working.

What is included?

  • 1 hour Webinar – This will comprise of 45 mins training session with a 15 mins Q&A

Register your place- click here

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