Morton Fraser Blog- Support Scotland’s Mittelstand or Kiss Goodbye to Faster GDP Growth

 The first of Morton Fraser’s Let’s Be Clear series gives an overview of the challenges and opportunities facing Scottish mid-sized businesses in the current economic conditions and guidance on how best to adapt.

This video explains exactly what Mittelstand is and how, with a little inspiration from our German counterparts, it could perhaps present an opportunity for growth closer to home. 

The economy of Scotland currently stands at a cross-roads.  The latest economic predictions for the growth of the Scottish economy during 2018 congregate around a figure of approximately 1%.

As we stand on the threshold of a new way of working, surely the opportunity is there for Scotland to embrace the creation of  a new Scottish Mittelstand.  To create the right economic environment will require politicians to turn away from short term points scoring and support the development of a long term business friendly structure, which encourages entrepreneurs and responsible business owners to provide a secure legacy for generations to come.

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