Morton Fraser Business Tip- Strategies for retaining EU staff post Brexit

Since the UK voted to leave the EU we have increasingly been asked to advise businesses on what the immigration system may look like in the future and how to deal with EEA members of staff concerned about their future rights to live and work in the UK.

With the uncertainty around Brexit many employers have adopted a wait and see approach, but in my opinion this is a dangerous tactic. A Chamber of Commerce study last year found 5% of businesses had experienced resignations due to Brexit. Adopting a wait and see approach increases the chance of losing key staff, and I have clients who have found this out the hard way. My recommendation is that employers take steps now to do all possible to retain their staff. I have seen a number of approaches to the issue but the most popular are:

  • Reassurance – This involves an employer communicating to all members of staff about the value of EEA national employees and their understanding of the current position
  • Signposting – This involves providing employees with details of how to make applications to provide certainty, and of organizations that can assist them.
  • Support – Some employers go further and offer support to employees considering making applications to the Home Office.

There is no denying that Brexit has presented challenges for the retention of staff across all sectors in the UK. However, in my experience the employers that are willing to face those challenges head on are more likely to retain their existing workforce.

For more information on the approaches to mentioned in this article, please visit our website here.

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