Office Angels ¦ Safely Back to Work Report

As part of the Adecco Group, Office Angels is committed to supporting all colleagues, clients and candidates and are proud to be part of leading our industry’s response to the COVID-19 crisis and helping the world adjust to a new reality.

Enabling workers to return to work safely will be central to reopening economies, as well as providing structure and purpose for people and supporting communities across the world, as the adjustment to living with COVID-19 transitions into the next stage. Working with our partners, Randstad and ManpowerGroupOffice Angels as part of The Adecco Group have applied the collective knowledge of the largest organisations in the industry to produce guidance and practical advice that will support stakeholders in this journey.

Within this document, we provide a consolidated list of measures that can be used by businesses to support the development of COVID-19 protocols within the workplace. These have been split into four categories:

  • People measures
  • Premises measures
  • Organisational measures
  • External measures

Across each of these, we detail protocols that can be put in place, measurements to ensure they are effective and what must be considered for the implementation and ongoing use of them. Furthermore, we provide illustrative examples of what these may look like and ways the changes can be communicated within the workforce.

Download the full report here

Kind regards,
Office Angels, as part of The Adecco Group



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