Scottish Parliament

Political Influence

The Chamber represents a huge range of businesses with bases, headquarters or branches in West Lothian. This gives us a significant voice that can aim to influence future legislation affecting our local economy, as well as working together to achieve the best conditions to make West Lothian a thriving centre of business.

Local and National

As one of the representatives of private business in the West Lothian Economic Partnership, we work with other partners to promote the interests of West Lothian.

At a Scottish level, we represent the private sector through the Scottish Chambers, and in the UK, we work through the British Chambers to ensure that business views are presented at the highest level.

In short, the Chamber has a wide range of services available to people like you- businesses who like to meet, build solid relationships, share valuable information, and maybe even work together.

  • We help people come together through events that allow constructive discussion between members.
  • We lobby local and national government to make sure our business community is getting the best deal under which to prosper.
  • We help companies promote their products and services to a wider audience, as well as recognising their successes in business achievement.

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Other Services

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