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The Chamber wants to be active in leading and supporting projects that look to support development locally and on a national level. Through funding and partnerships with local businesses the Chamber has been able to be involved in a range of community projects geared around supporting employability within the business community including:


Erasmus+  Young Female Entrepreneur Programme

Young Female Entrepreneurial Program (YFEP)  is a Strategic Partnership project aimed at developing an entrepreneurial mind-set and related skills in young women with a weak social economic background.

The inspiration for the YFEP project is the ongoing EU challenge of enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit of young women, increasing business creation rates and providing alternative pathways of employability and, most of all, young women’s personal fulfilment. The challenges that women identify in starting a business include discouraging social / cultural attitudes, lower levels of entrepreneurship skills, smaller and less effective entrepreneurial networks and policy frameworks that discourage women’s entrepreneurship.

The YFEP approach aims at offering young women with the motivation to start a business (alone or with others) an all-in-one program (online contents and tools, workshops, group activities, multi-mentor support) in enlarging their knowledge on entrepreneurship, sustainable management, improve attitudes and foster skills needed to initiate and manage an enterprise, and most of all, empower them with the support of a multi-mentor program.


Pump It School Challenge

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning System Europe and the West Lothian Chamber of Commerce are working in partnership to bring closer together industry and schools with the aim of supporting young people in developing skills beneficial to their future career choice. Third year pupils are challenged to create an innovative use for a heat pump, using their creativity, research and team work skills.


Erasmus+ EYP Program
The EYP programme has been designed to provide a new way to deliver youth work and to support the personal and professional development of NEETs aged 16-24.

The programme aims to improve self-esteem, interpersonal skills, behaviour, and attitude, and to overcome practical barriers, then to signpost participants to appropriate providers that meet their needs for further training or a relevant pathway.

The project is also aimed at people working with NEETs, to support them to extend the reach of support to engage young people who are most distant from the labour market.

This project is an ideal way for young people, training providers, education and local businesses to work together. This will ensure the young people involved have a clearer pathway which will benefit them in the social and employment aspects of their life.


The Chamber works in partnership with  Jobcentre Plus (DWP) and West Lothian College has introduced #getajob programme to help break down the barriers faced by unemployed young people (age 18-24) in West Lothian in gaining employment. The programme provides an intensive, fun and invaluable series of workshops that will tackle the main barriers to employment by accessing young people’s skills and developing their ‘personal brand’.


The Chamber are continuingly looking for projects that would help the local businesses, education and residents. If you feel you have a project or a partnership opportunity that you would like us to be involved in please contact us on to discuss the opportunity.

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