SCC comment on Scottish Government statement on the lockdown

Commenting on the Scottish Government’s publication of “Covid-19: A Framework for Decision Making,” Dr Liz Cameron OBE, Chief Executive of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce said:


“The framework announced today sets the scene for business and civic Scotland to be a part of the recovery plan. We agree that controlling the virus and preventing a second spread is utmost as it may result in tougher lockdown measures down the line.

“It is clear from today’s announcement that social distancing measures are here for the medium to long term. That’s why creating new working models which embed these measures are critical if we are to protect jobs and re-start the economy, and we must do this in partnership with the business community and Government.

“We also need to make sure any phased return includes all parts of the business community, from large companies to SMEs and to businesses in rural areas.

“We recognise the challenge ahead of us. The business community will play its full part to inform and design the phased and eventual return to economic recovery.”

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