25th April 2019

Commenting on the First Minister’s statement to the Scottish Parliament regarding Scotland’s Future, Dr Liz Cameron OBE, Director & Chief Executive, Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:

“In a climate of major political uncertainty exacerbated by the prolonged Brexit negotiations, key Scottish industrial sectors have experienced an investment slowdown and reduced business confidence. Right now, businesses need the certainty and stability that will underpin the confidence to invest, and it is the role of our Governments to provide it.

“There are real and present business issues holding back the growth of Scotland’s economy. That’s why our priorities are clear: greater strategic infrastructure investment, developing our skills and talent to overcome Scotland’s productivity challenges, a fair and competitive business taxation environment and expansion of international trade opportunities. These are the priorities for business and must be for our Governments too.

“The First Minister’s commitment to learning the lessons of Brexit is an important one, since the farcical process has failed to deliver an outcome that appeals to anybody. Scottish Chambers of Commerce Network will continue our process of engagement with business communities to understand how the prospect of another referendum on Scotland’s future could affect their ability to grow, create new jobs and invest.”



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