SCC Comment on Vote to request Article 50 extension

Responding to tonight’s vote in the House of Commons, Dr Liz Cameron OBE, Director and Chief Executive of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce, said:

“It is a sign of just how desperate the situation is now that today’s vote to allow the delay of Brexit is the best solution to this shambles.

“The last thing business needs is more indecision, delay and worry over the UK’s position in Europe. Urgent action is required to begin reassuring businesses that a disorderly and disruptive exit from the European Union will be prevented, because despite tonight’s vote, leaving on March 29th without a deal is still the default position and thus a very real threat.

“If the government seeks to extend Article 50 it can only do so with a clear plan and timeline. It must reassure the EU 27 countries, devolved nations and businesses that this extension will quell economic uncertainty rather than compound it.

“The emphasis for our parliamentarians should remain avoiding the debilitating consequences that a no-deal outcome would have on the Scottish & UK economy. They should continue working towards a solution that delivers for the needs of citizens, businesses and the economy. Until they do, business prospects are still in the danger zone.”

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