SQA provides solutions for all types of organisations to achieve the high standards that learners in today’s training and learning market require. We can offer recognition, certification, registration, quality assurance or an examination administration service for your learning provision.

SQA’s Customised Awards service offers you an opportunity to develop qualifications that are tailored to your needs. This is ideal if you’re in a highly specialised business, or you’re operating in a unique market where existing qualifications don’t quite meet all your requirements.

Customised Awards are competence-based qualifications. To get a Customised Award, candidates have to prove — and supply evidence — that they can do what the qualification covers, to the standard that the qualification sets.

Find out more on bespoke qualifications and how they can help you with our PDF Leaflet.

Janice Anderson: janice.anderson@sqa.org.uk
Regional Manager
Business Development & Customer Support, Business Development

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