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West Lothian College is an award-winning provider of further and higher education based in Livingston. West Lothian College is renowned for its successful collaborations with external partners including employers, businesses, skills organisations, universities, public sector and government organisations and community groups.

West Lothian College is a welcoming, bright and modern environment. It is an essential provider of a wide range of courses all focused on developing relevant skills for employment, to help students in their future career or to enhance current career prospects for those who are already working.

The Board’s vision is “to deliver a highly skilled and enterprising workforce.”  We are looking to strengthen the skills mix on the Board of Governor’s Audit Committee.

The Board is looking to co-opt an individual with an accountancy background to the Audit Committee.

The Board is especially keen to hear from those groups who are currently under represented on Boards of Scottish Public Bodies such as disabled people, ethnic minorities and women.

We have prepared this information pack to explain a bit more about the nature of the role, and the process for co-option.

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