What is the Young Female Entrepreneur Programme?

What is the programme?

Young Female Entrepreneurial Program YFEP” is a Strategic Partnership project aimed at developing an entrepreneurial mind-set and related skills in young women with a weak social economic background.

The inspiration for the YFEP project is the ongoing EU challenge of enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit of young women, increasing business creation rates and providing alternative pathways of employability and, most of all, young women’s personal fulfilment. The challenges that women identify in starting a business include discouraging social / cultural attitudes, lower levels of entrepreneurship skills, smaller and less effective entrepreneurial networks and policy frameworks that discourage women’s entrepreneurship.

The YFEP approach aims at offering young women with the motivation to start a business (alone or with others) an all-in-one program (online contents and tools, workshops, group activities, multi-mentor support) in enlarging their knowledge on entrepreneurship, sustainable management, improve attitudes and foster skills needed to initiate and manage an enterprise, and most of all, empower them with the support of a multi-mentor program.

Alongside our partners we are developing the methodology of the programme, which includes a digital guidebook for participants and a mentoring manual. These will be available to view Summer 2020.

Social media and website coming soon!

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