Why should you consider hiring an Armed Forces Veteran?

Around 14,000 personnel leave the British Armed Forces every year. This group of talented people are often looking for fulfilling second careers that utilise their skills and experience. What benefit could they bring to you?

1 Training accreditation

Much of the training received by Veterans is accredited by professional organisations such as the IET, ILM and CMI. Moreover, for those who have left the Regular Armed Forces (as opposed to Reservists), they can use up to £5,000 worth of training. That is money that could be spent on training that your organisation could utilise.

2 Skills shortage

Many of the skills possessed by Armed Forces, Regular and Reserve, are challenging to recruit for. Team leadership, adaptability and drive are engrained into Veterans from their first day of service. These skills could boost productivity in your organisation.

3 Experience

Veterans will often have worked in situations and environments more extreme and dangerous than the UK. They can bring fresh perspective and new ideas from a unique organisation that could help you improve your operations and generate new business.

For more information, please contact Emma Davies on, emma@jointforcealba.co.uk or 0131 210 0028

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