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With business connections in all areas of industry, the Chamber can assist you in gaining knowledge and training. With connections with some of the best trainers and training facilities, the Chamber therefore can provide you with links to premium training services.

West Lothian Council – Business Gateway 

Business Gateway West Lothian provides expert support and guidance to new and existing businesses.


DYW West Lothian 

With the Chambers link with DYW West Lothian Regional group we can look into business links with education and the opportunities this provides. The aim of the group is to significantly reduce youth unemployment across West Lothian and Scotland. The employer-led regional group aims to strengthen links between businesses and education for the benefit of our young people and our economy.

Please visit the DYW- WL portal to find out more about the project and current opportunities. (https://www.dyw-wl.com/ )


West Lothian College 

West Lothian College are a valued member of the Chamber who regularly advertise discounted enrolment offers to our member network for various valued learning and development courses throughout the year. This link with the local college encourages skill development and enhanced employability for people across West Lothian.

Increased adult learning is another focus which West Lothian are focussing on to allow individuals to develop and enhance their skillsets to progress further in the workplace.

By developing the employability and skills of individuals from all areas of the working population, there is a hope that this will reduce unemployment and enhance the local economy.

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